Milano Italian Fashion Inc is a global distributor of high end luxury products. The company deals mainly with luxury fashion, accessories and select home goods. Milano Italian Fashion Inc was founded in 1998 in the USA and it is family owned for the past 23 years. Our organization owns office, showroom and warehouse in the USA as well as in Italy where we have a dedicated team to inspect every purchase before shipping to our clients.We have established a network of distributors working directly with the manufacturers of the high end luxury brands such as Celine, D&G, Prada, Fendi, Versace, MIu Miu, Hermes, Burberry, YSL, Balenciaga and others. All our purchases are carefully made thru our distributors channels with full documentation containing paper trail which assures the authenticity of every single product and give our clients a piece of mind.The company’s clients range from the most iconic American companies such as Amazon with its high end divisions, Macy’s, Costco as well as TJX Europe, TK Maxx, VipShop China, Fubon Group in Asia among others. We are working in close partnership with our clients and we consistently evolve our strategy to keep up with their demand as well as with what drives this market.The name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped and able staff, who have a varied experience of the luxury high end brand name fashion market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at par to the latest fashion of today’s market.